the Perfect Credenza

When going furniture shopping for small storage space, you are met with plenty of options, and it is easy to get lost in the expensive space of the furniture store. When you need a small piece of furniture to store all your tiny pieces of unimportant stuff or to keep the extra dining dishes and napkins, it doesn’t make sense to buy a vast cupboard: a credenza would suffice. This article will guide you through furniture buying for a small cabinet space or credenza for your dining.

1. What is a credenza?


A credenza is a decorative storage space that you can keep in the dining area or in the hall, where you need to store some articles, you need regularly. It varies in design and can be as big or as small as your requirement. The credenza is different from a sideboard or a buffet in many ways, although as the times have changed, they all have become synonymous with storage space. However, credenza has a rich history with the royals, as it was used back in the 14th century by the Italians. The credenza was used to display food and drinks to the elite so that the servants could sample them before the rich could consume them. It ensured the royalty’s safety; hence, credenza translates directly to “confidence” for the Italians.

2. Why do you need one?

Why do you need one

Who doesn’t want extra storage space in their kitchen, dining room, hall, or office? A credenza is a perfect combination of style with storage that is an answer to storing all your knick-knacks. They do not occupy space and are easy to place against any background, look chic and efficiently perform storage tasks.

• Credenza in the dining room: you can keep the snacks, beverages, and food of all sorts on the credenza of height at least 30 inches off the ground. You can store the overflow of dishes, unused utensils, China, crystal, and dining articles inside the credenza.

• Credenza in the living room: Everything not on the table can go inside it. A credenza can act like a simple storage unit to hold all your remotes, magazines, books, lights, and equipment that you require but are not necessary to be on the table. You can put houseplants, display pictures, and small decorative sculptures on the table.

• A credenza in a bedroom is your room, your personal space; you can have a credenza in your space to store personal items or bedroom paraphernalia. A credenza in a bedroom can double as a coffee space or store your blankets and pillows.

• Credenza in an office: store your documents, files, and office equipment underneath while it can serve as a printing station or a coffee stop for your morning, afternoon, and evening cup of coffee. It can act as a handy addition to your office space.

3. Consider your storage needs:

Consider your storage needs

You must decide the credenza’s purpose before going out to buy one. If your storage requirements are higher, you might want to opt for a sideboard that allows you to store and display all kinds of China and sculptures. But if you want moderate storage space, you want a buffet with long legs that is usually harder to place in your home. But it offers an excellent alternative to the sideboard. Credenza is a small storage cabinet with sliding windows and is a stylish piece of furniture to fulfill small space requirements and store several items in a compact space.

4. Choose a style that suits your taste:

Choose a style that suits your taste

While traditional is always the best, it might not fit with your aesthetics or storage requirements or simply the room you will be placing the credenza in. This statement piece of furniture is now available in modern designs and cabinets that will give your space a fresh new look. You can pair it up with a statement-making frame on the wall against which you will place the credenza or a mirror with a credenza that doubles up as a dressing table and storage. You can also choose a credenza with bright colors to draw attention to its pieces. Or you can tone down the room with a small, unphased credenza that gives your room a minimalistic vibe.

5. Pay attention to dimensions:

Pay attention to dimensions

Just as the style, credenzas are available in various sizes, dimensions, number of cabinets, storage space, and display shelves. It is essential to focus on the space available at your home or office for the credenza; you might as well note down the dimensions of the space you want it at. Make sure there is enough room to move comfortably around the credenza; it should not limit your usable space. Please ensure there are no shelves or enough space between the shelves on the wall against which you will be placing the credenza; it must not crowd the wall. Buy a just right credenza with respect to the storage and dimensions.

6. Check for quality construction:

Check for quality construction

When buying any piece of furniture, you must choose quality and construction over design and dimension. A huge credenza that is poorly built and weak in construction is of no use, no matter how much storage space it offers. Please focus on the material and choose a credenza made of quality wood like oak or from a sturdy material that withstands weight and holds its place. As these furniture pieces are small, there is a high chance of bumping against them. Therefore, check for stability and surface finishing to make the best buy, and refrain from buying unfinished credenzas with sharp edges and corners.

7. Compare prices and reviews:

Compare prices and reviews
Lastly, when going credenza shopping, do not buy the first piece of furniture you see. To get the best value for your desired piece of furniture, make sure you shortlist the piece according to your requirements, check all the boxes, and are satisfied with its design. Keep an eye on at least five such pieces that you would love to have at your place. Compare the prices based on quality, material, and cabinet space. You can also compare the prices of different brands and furniture stores to get the best possible price.


you are ready to hit the furniture store, armed with all the valuable pointers that will help you choose the perfect piece of the credenza for your home. Make sure you carry a checklist to confirm that all your requirements are met. It will give you peace of mind when making a buy for your space. Happy furniture shopping!