Having a small bedroom can be overwhelming as you have to make the most of your space within a specific limit. But let us tell you that there are a lot of small bedroom design ideas out there that you can use to enhance your space. We agree that living in such a small space requires a bit of extra thinking and creativity, but you can always head towards the bedroom design ideas available online to amp up your room.

For that, you will have to think about smart storage solutions, how to determine which items deserve a spot in your bedroom, or how to arrange everything in a small space. Many people feel low due to the smaller space, but there are many benefits of having a little space in the bedroom. Firstly, it looks cozier and secondly, you won’t have to waste money in furnishing a room where no one will sit.

You can also unlock your personal style while designing the bedroom, no matter how small it is. In this article, we have brought nineteen small bedroom design ideas that will inspire you to beautify your space.

Small Bedroom Design Ideas

1. Install a chic murphy bed:

murphy bed

Earlier, murphy beds were quite popular as they saved a lot of space. But keeping a basic look won’t add any stylish element to your bedroom. Consider making one of the fold-out beds and color it with different shades, so when you put it back on the wall, it will look like a creative wallpaper. You can paint it or drape textiles behind it. Adding creative artwork will also add a fascinating feel to your bedroom. The best part about having a chic murphy bed is that it keeps the space intact and makes the room look decorative.

2. Go for mounted lamps instead of floor and table lamps:

table lamps

Small bedrooms look elegant with mounted lamps compared to floor and table lamps. So if you are dealing with tiny nightstands, consider mounting lights or lamps to any of your walls. Mounting the lamps helps you save tremendous space from your small bedrooms. You can go for the swinging arm, which is adjustable as per your needs. Once installed, you can use it to direct light towards your reading table or into the rest of the room.

3. Add creative storage at the bed’s foot:

creative storage at the bed’s foot

When it comes to storage, many people opt for closet storage cubes or plastic containers. But there are countless storage options available that can blend perfectly with your small bedroom design ideas. For a change, you can try an end-of-bed trunk, a small table, or a bench. You will easily find the one that suits your home decor or DIY to create a matching piece of furniture. If you want to keep your bed-foot spacious, then find storage with a tiny footprint. You can use this space for setting your clothes or even putting on your shoes.

4. Use narrow storage cabinets:

storage cabinets

Many people settle for the narrow storage cabinets as there are various ideas to organize them differently in a small space. If you consider choosing the small bedroom design ideas, you will see that many individuals color the storage cabinets with the same shade as their wall’s color to make it appealing. It also adds a spacious look to the home and gives enough storage space.

5. Choose shades that pop up your bedroom’s look:

bedroom’s look

Nowadays, many people prefer calming and minimalistic shades, but some of you might not feel comfortable in such plain colors. In such cases, you can go for cooler colors like blues and greys instead of the warmer tones. Besides, you can also choose black and white shades as they blend perfectly with each other if applied in specific patterns. We feel that adding little color pops in a small bedroom is always a good idea as it accentuates the look with minimal effort.

6. Go for vintage shades to add charm to your bedroom:

vintage shades

Do you want to add a vintage vibe to your small bedroom? Go for the weathered shutters that add a touch of shabby chic flair to cozy rooms with a grey and white background. Many small bedroom design ideas showcase this type of vintage vibe as it gives a unique touch to the home. Consider using an antique chest, a nightstand, or a footboard, and set an old door in place of the headboard. Additionally, adorn the walls with framed vintage maps, embroidered handkerchiefs, or botanical designs.

7. Get Cozy with Brown and White

Cozy with Brown and White

You will find a plethora of small bedroom design ideas with different color combinations. If you are looking for sophisticated shades that exude both masculine and glamorous appeal at the same time, then go for chocolate brown and white color combinations. Enhance it further with a patterned rug, a small chandelier, or white bedding to get the best results.

8. Add houseplants for a fresh look:

houseplants for a fresh look

Houseplants work wonders when you get bored with nightstands in your small bedroom. They quickly add a stylish touch to the bedroom without any need for bulky pieces of furniture. Besides, they clean the air and make you feel fresh all the time. So if you are looking for small bedroom design ideas, then consider adding the houseplants as they will add life to your small space. You can plant them indoors without any worries as they come with minimal maintenance.

9. Place mirrors to reflect lights:

mirrors to reflect lights

Mirrors create an exceptional visual impact in a small space by reflecting the lights throughout the room. Choose the antique piece of mirror or the ones with fascinating designs to add an extra oomph to the room. Such mirrors not only style up the small bedroom but also make it look larger.

10. Remove the clutter:

Remove the clutter

One of the tiring yet easiest things that you can do to enhance your small bedroom is to clean it. Start removing the unnecessary clutter from spaces that you can utilize for other purposes. Doing this will eventually cost you nothing and make your space look bigger and cleaner.

11. Create the illusion of the space:

illusion of the space

Creating an illusion of space is one of the most popular small bedroom design ideas that many people go for. For instance, you can hang the drapery close to your ceiling as it makes the room look bigger and more illusional. Besides, it brings up the attention, so make sure you choose a fabric that is attractive. You need to choose the same color as your wall’s shade because it won’t distract the eyeballs with contrasting colors.

12. Display your accessories as decor items:

Display your accessories as decor items

If you have a lot of accessories, then display them as decor items to free up your storage space. Buy some of the antique models from the market and hang the accessories over them to create an impressive space. This way, you will get to show off your accessories collection and add a decorative touch to your small bedroom.

13. Add wooden planks to the walls:

Add wooden planks to the walls

Wood always adds a unique and aesthetic touch to home decor, so you can add the horizontal wooden planks to your bedroom’s walls. These planks usually trick the eyes by making the bedroom look bigger than it is. Besides, if your room lacks any architectural interest, then this small bedroom design idea will be perfect for you.

14. Add stripes to your walls:

Add stripes to your walls

If you aren’t interested in adding wooden planks to your small bedroom, then you have one more option to beautify it. Consider painting your bedroom with a striped pattern as it accentuates the room in an artistic way. You can also use wallpapers if the painting is out of your budget. Make sure you use contrasting shades for the stripes so that your small bedroom amps up with elegance.

15. Make a stylish statement with your ceiling:

stylish statement with your ceiling

An impressive ceiling surely attracts many eyeballs. You can add golden polka dots or create patterns in your ceiling for an appealing look. If your small bedroom has a sloped ceiling, then a patterned ceiling will be perfect for it.

16. Utilize every inch of your space:

Utilize every inch of your space

With a small bedroom, you will always struggle to find storage space. But this wouldn’t be the case if you consider some smart bedroom design ideas. You can use the under-the-bed storage to keep all your belongings. There are several options that you can use while making such type of storage such as locked boxed, wheeled boxed, drawers, shoe organizers, or storage bags.

17. Go bright with white:

Go bright with white

Having an all-white interior will create a fresh and bright atmosphere in your small bedroom. It will make space look bigger and luxurious. You can combine the white shade with soft cream or off-white shades to add warmth to the interior.

18. Get a bold shaded interior:

Get a bold shaded interior

If you like being surrounded by color rather than white shades, then go for bold hues and impressive patterns as they distract you from small size. You can choose to create wallpapers from the bold shades or try monotones for a minimalistic appearance.

19. Nest tables instead of nightstands:

19. Nest tables instead of nightstands

To create more space and add creativity to your small bedroom, you can place a pair of nesting tables next to your bed rather than keeping a traditional nightstand. This idea will instantly create more space in your room and help you add additional storage options beneath the table.


If you have an eye for perfection, then consider choosing these fantastic small bedroom design ideas as they will spruce up your space and make it appealing.