DIY Room Decor Ideas

Your house defines your style, but your room expresses your personality. You spend most of your time in your room because you love its vibes, privacy, and freedom. That is why it becomes essential to decorate it in the best way you can. It is a place where you can experiment with your creative skills and explore your personal style. For that, you need to look for easy and creative DIY room decor ideas as they help spruce up your home.

So whether you want to create a rustic, modern, or relaxing look, the DIY room decor ideas will surely help your vision become a reality up to a certain point. And luckily, you can easily do most of these room decor ideas on your own. You just need to customize your room decor to match your style and consider the room that best fits in it. From wall art to rugs and pillows, you can enhance your style and save on expenses. To help you find a bit of inspiration, we have brought these ten easy and creative DIY room decor ideas to spruce up your home.

DIY Room Decor Ideas:

  1. Popsicle Shelf:

    Popsicle Shelf
    Many people have the habit of keeping the popsicle sticks as they love to create several DIY items for their homes. But if you don’t have any popsicle sticks at your place, you can purchase them at the nearest stationery store and craft a DIY shelf out of them. Choosing this DIY room decor idea wouldn’t cost you much compared to a brand new shelving unit. You only need to stack the popsicle sticks with glue in any desired shape and then apply wood stain over it to accentuate its appearance. With this easy and creative DIY room decor idea, you will have a shelving unit for your plants, books, or showpieces.

  2. Geometric Wallpaper:

    Geometric Wallpaper
    Another easy and creative way to decorate your room is by filling it with geometric wallpaper. To create this DIY room decor idea, you will require a painter’s tape to outline the geometric patterns. Once done, you can paint the shapes with your favorite colors. After the wall is dried, you can remove the tape to unveil the masterpiece in your room.

  3. Add kid’s artwork on the wall:

    kid’s artwork
    Do you have small artists at home? If yes, then pick up some of their artwork and place them on the wall. Frame some of their best artworks and show-off with pride. Doing this will surely encourage the little ones to create more masterpieces, and it also becomes a good decor option. Besides, this would be the best DIY room decor idea as you don’t have to spend a single penny other than buying some attractive frames. If you want, you can also create your own frames from scrap wooden sticks to make them look totally creative.

  4. Add a bohemian style cotton panel to the wall:

    bohemian style cotton
    If you have a plain wall that you want to decorate, consider adding a bohemian style cotton panel to it. This is one of the popular DIY room decor ideas that most people go for. You can also create your own wall hanging with beads and colorful threads. This easy and creative room decor idea would surely add a modernized and whimsical look to your room.

  5. Create cozy pom pom pillows:

    Create cozy pom pom pillows
    Whenever it comes to creative DIY room decor ideas, you should always think about adding colors to your space. And this idea of creating cozy pom pom pillows would certainly fit in your list. You can select a solid-colored fabric or a white color chair to add a splash of colors and creativity to your room. When you don’t want to redo everything in your room, you can consider this idea as it will add a unique look to your pillows and make your bed look creative.

  6. Make a gemstone mirror:

    gemstone mirror
    Do you want to add a sparkling touch to your room? Go for this fantastic DIY room decor idea as it instantly accentuates your room and gives it a brightening effect. To create the gemstone mirror, you need to look for a simple mirror and cover its border with gemstones. You can buy the supplies from the stationery store for a few bucks. Make sure you choose a relevant pattern as you can get gemstones in different colors. Attach them to the mirror with the help of glue to create contrasting patterns. You can place this mirror in any room, be it the living room or your bedroom, as it gives an aesthetic feel to space. Consider placing a DIY vanity tray beneath the mirror to add more creativity to your room.

  7. Jute Twinkle Light Shade:

    Jute Twinkle Light Shade
    Add some soothing lights to your room by choosing this creative DIY room decor idea. You need to get a few string lights and a jute rope to decorate your room with captivating lights. It is easy to create such light shade as you need to cover the bulbs with jute rope and hang them in your room. Trying the creative DIY room decor ideas does not necessarily cost a fortune, and this easy yet attractive project proves it.

  8. DIY Pouf:

    DIY Pouf
    Do you want to create different seating arrangements in your room? Then this DIY pouf would surely be the best option for you as it looks good not only in the bedroom but also in the living room and balcony. Besides, this DIY pouf is suitable for people of all ages, so everyone can enjoy sitting on it. You can craft a creative pouf by choosing an old car tire and covering it with colorful fabric. Having a set of such creative poufs in your home will certainly make your house look elegant and attractive.

  9. lace unusual shelves on the wall:

    Place unusual shelves on the wall
    To add creativity to your room, make sure you choose some unusually shaped shelves or storage units. You can also look for different colors and sizes to give it a unique look. Placing them on the wall will give a modernized look to your home decor in addition to creating considerable storage space. You can keep items like medals, trophies, frames, or small potted plants on them to accentuate your room.

  10. Write quotes on wood:

    quotes on wood
    Writing quotes on wood and placing them at the room’s entrance has become one of the most popular DIY room decor ideas. You can also try it as it looks creative, and it is easy to do. You can fill the wood pallets with inspirational quotes and decorate them. Place them either at the entrance or beside your shelf. You can also add a vintage style background to upgrade its appearance.


These were all the DIY room decor ideas that we found to be easy and creative for anyone out there. Let us know which one will you choose for your room?