Bedroom Wallpaper

your bedroom is your haven. It is the place you come back to and begin your day with. It is therefore essential that you feel at home in your bedroom. It must be a reflection of your personality and everything that you relate to. Naturally, you want its walls to speak to you about inner peace. You can paint your walls, or the more manageable, sustainable option is to cover them in wallpaper. If you are clueless about what might and might not suit your walls, read the list of 10 fantastic bedroom wallpaper trends for you to choose from.

1. Subtle:


Subtle does not have to be boring. However, it does mean colors that easily reflect light, minimum design, and smooth texture. The subtle backdrop of light colors against the dark wood furniture and bed would undoubtedly elevate your bedroom’s colors and dual tone. However, light colors against equally light-colored furniture that sits perfectly in the single tone of your bedroom are bound to make you feel comfortable and relaxed in your sleeping place. Subtle bedroom wallpaper does not attract attention but hoist up the room and bring all the furniture and props together against one background.

2. Maximalist:

MaximalistA maximalist theme hints at dark colors, contrasting bed covers, duvet, and picture frames on the wall that stand against the wallpaper with equal grit. Go for darker shades like bottle green or purple covered in bold prints and motifs that provide a contrasting definition to your bedroom. It consists of Bright colors or pastels that scream art and your personal preference of fun and loud as compared to the subtle beige that many may prefer. You can also go for themed prints like coastal beaches or abstract color paint strokes of maximum intensity.

3. Minimalist:

MinimalistWhen you are a minimalist, even the slightest deviation towards a more expressive lifestyle may seem extreme. Your bedroom must be your comfort zone where you do not have to think of expressing yourself in a certain way. Minimalist bedroom wallpapers come with various colors, shades, designs, and textures that are not unique but also inspiring every day. When going minimalist, you are compiling a bedroom with mere essentials, timeless furniture, and wallpaper that compliments yet only expresses bringing together your bedroom in a neater, contemporary fashion.

4. Dark:


When you think of your bedroom and comfortable sleeping, go for dark hues or, even better, go for black. While bringing black to your bedroom may seem unconventional, it will require a set of lights, table lamps, and open windows to contrast and bring adequate light into your bedroom. You may also cover half the height of your bedroom with black wallpaper and contrast it with white to maintain balance and reflect light off the walls. Pair it with dark wood furniture, a table, a table lamp, and a wall light to maintain the vibe of your bedroom.

5. Florals:


Florals are an excellent choice for a delicate combination of muted colors and floral designs that have stood the test of time. It is a classy choice for anyone who is a bit indecisive and requires a long-term wallpaper. The flowers are either bright in design and color or muted with a plain background to bring balance to the walls. Go for furniture that contrasts or matches the wallpaper, as both choices will leave your bedroom feeling posh and elegant. You can either vary or coordinate the flowers and colors on your bedroom walls with the rest of your house.

6. Neutrals:


We are talking about white furniture, gray wallpaper, beige decor, and soft lighting of pinks, yellows, and whites. Neutrals are all about keeping it simple to the highest—white furniture against neutral gray wallpaper with patterns and florals that are minimum and tiny. A good idea for neutrals would be to include abstract designs like mountain outlines of white, floral outlines of pink and botanical outlines of green against the stark gray shades of the walls. Remember, the gray will stay muted, so you must work hard at the decor and lighting to put together a bedroom that stuns.

7. Geometric:

GeometricOne exemplary aspect of geometric wallpapers is that although made out of regular shapes, it does not have to be in a regular pattern to make them look stunning on the walls. A rare collection of circles and triangles will make a fantastic mural or a straight line of different shapes to accentuate your corner are all part of the geometric wallpapers. The geometry can be regular, but the colors you choose must complement the shape and size of the patterning; you can also utilize geometric patterns to create the illusion of textured walls around your bed. Go for soothing earth colors and hues of blues that will calm your nerves every night.

8. Patterns:

Patterns hide space within their designs. It is possible to extend or reduce the appearance of space within patterns that can make your room appear larger or smaller as per your requirement. Vertical patterned bedroom wallpaper will make the ceiling look higher up than it is. While a tuft patterned bedroom wallpaper will give your walls a textured appearance, giving them a rich finish. Use the patterns to your advantage to increase the bedroom room. But remember to keep the patterns neutral and subtle as they may overpower the room if overdone.

9. Botanicals:

BotanicalsWhile florals are limited to flowers, botanicals include everything that has to do with plants; they include shrubs, grasses, bushes, twigs, branches, tendrils, leaves, and, yes, flowers. The trend of botany on walls ensures you are welcomed into an oasis of green and tropical escapades right in the bedroom. It automatically changes the room’s atmosphere and can be as bold or subtle as you want it to be. Botanical trend on the wall bedrooms is something you should try and bring in the garden, the woods, and mountain meadow into your house. Go for a fine print for flowers and green grass or palms, or a bold aesthetic view of tropical plants on your bedroom walls, displaying varying shades of green and flowers.

10. Sophisticated walls:

Sophisticated walls
If you want an evergreen and classic bedroom, go for a sophisticated look that does not go out of fashion. A neutral design on a single side of the wall, preferably the headboard wall, while the other three display a monochrome background, signifies a sophisticated look. You may feature the wall with brave murals, eternal marble design, or even a painting or picture that covers the entire bedroom wall. The sophisticated look is all about earth tones on three other walls, while the featured wall is a masterpiece to hold your attention.


armed with these fresh ideas, you are ready to go shopping for your bedroom wallpaper. Make sure you buy quality wallpaper that does not fall off or ruin the walls. I hope you received some tips on choosing bedroom wallpaper that matches your vibe and makes you feel at home in your house.